Heroic Age..

Heroic Age
26 episodes
Genres: adventure, comedy, romance, science fiction

Heroic Age has definitely been the show with one of the most ambitious premises of the past season. While other series have dealt with the fate of the universe before, no other series does it with such a massive scale, no other series has armies as massive as with Heroic Age, and no other series has characters as powerful as some of the ones we see in here. This truly is a space-epic. The story tells of a Golden Age which once existed in this universe. They had the power to foresee the past and the future, they could create planets and stars, and sent out a message to the different tribes and races that populated the galaxy. Three races responded: the Silver Age, the Bronze Age and the Heroic Age. Then, as the Golden Age was about to leave the galaxy, a fourth Age responded: humans, or the Iron Age.

This would have been better if the characters were interesting to watch, but alas: they’re just too focused on the story. They either spend all of their time worrying or fighting, and the illusion of “depth” quickly vanishes from this series after a bunch of episodes. To add salt to the wound, nearly every member of the main cast is a teenager, eliminating any sense of realism this series already had, but worst of all, the male and female main characters have some major annoyances: they’re too perfect. The only flaw of the main female is that she’s too angsty and the main male just doesn’t have any flaws at all. This quickly becomes rather one-sided. The side-characters could have saved them, but a lot of them just lack development.

But lo and behold: this is one of those flawed series that manages to redeem itself in the end! Around episode seventeen or eighteen, the writers wake up and turn up the pacing three gears, and the plot finally starts getting interesting as it develops in the right way, into a finale that doesn’t disappoint. Sure, the first half is boring, but it does build up for the much better second half. While the last part was nowhere near the best part of the season, at least it managed to redeem the lacklustre first part. At least it’s not the opposite way.

you’ll like this one if you like epic science-fiction stories, because things can’t get more epic than this series, not necessarily in the good ways, but neither in the bad ways.

the good os

the good os

ive been tinkering with this Ubuntu or Debian based linux distro called good OS or gOS there have been some to mistake this for “GoogleOS” which technically doesn’t exist as an official OS “GoogleOS” refers to all their online services. this is called gOS.

The earlier versions (1 and 2-beta) used the Enlightenment 17 window manager instead of the usual GNOME or KDE desktops, to create a desktop that had similar usability to Mac OS X. Based on the idea of cloud computing, all versions of gOS lean heavily on on-line applications built on Web 2.0 and AJAX technology so they also do not use much hard disk space for applications.

gOS Rocket’s primary features included a Mac OS X-like Dock called ‘the Launcher’, containing icons to launch the following programs: Firefox web browser, Rhythmbox audio player, Xine video player and Skype for Internet telephony. Other programs could be added to the Launcher as well. The first E17 based version of gOS used another Dock-style interface called the iBar.

There were also icons to launch Firefox to specific web-sites and web applications for Google Mail, Google Talk, Google News, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Reader, Google Product Search, Blogger, YouTube, Facebook, Box.net, and Meebo to online chat with Yahoo! Messenger and .NET Messenger Service users and Wikipedia.

in this screen shot you can see some various windows and the run command which is not the same and the terminal …i so found out

opening the terminal was a chore and it only opens in root you cannot not just sudo the terminal which i think should be fixed you shouldnt be running in root any way.

just running some updates after searching for the terminal

Shion no Oh

Shion’s King
episodes: 22
Genres: drama, mystery, tournament

Shion no Ou tells the story of Yasuoka Shion, an 13-year-old girl gone mute after a traumatic event where an unknown man murdered her parents, yet left her alive some Eight years ago. She was then adopted by a neighboring family, where her new father was a professional shogi player. Finding solace in the game, her skills were cultivated to a frightening degree in this environment, and as the show begins Shion is nearing the end of a tournament held to qualify the winner as a professional female player.

Shion no Ou is an anime about shougi, the Japanese form of chess. The rules are quite complicated, but you don’t need to be able understand them if you want to enjoy this series. What’s much more important for Shion no Ou is the general strategies, and the mind-games that get played between the two players. And let me say that the story and characters are nothing short of incredible. The heroine, Shion, is one of the strongest female characters I’ve ever seen. Every single character is well-defined and developed. Every single episode pushes the plot forwards, without any exceptions.

Great animes usually have one or two aspects that turn out very polished, like a cast of terrific characters, or an engaging storyline, but the outstanding anime really deliver in every single department. Shion no Ou has it all: terrific storytelling, a great storyline, a cast of deep and amazing characters (both the villains, main and side-characters) that really comes to life

Shinigami no Ballad & Shounen Onmyouji

Ballad of a Shinigami
episodes: 6

Shinigami no Ballad is a story of a female shinigami (death god) who refers herself as Momo. Even though she is a death god, she is a cute and caring one which is very different from the typical death gods that we most common know. She even cries for the sake of the souls she takes. Momo has a black, spunky, often rude black cat, named Daniel who seems to travel with her.

Each episode has what seems like two main characters, Momo and the person whose soul she takes.

Shinigami no Ballad is a pretty good anime. It can get slow and boring sometimes, probably because of the music and dull colors. SNB is an anime show which would really get to you if you had that taste for a drama series. It could get boring since there is no major action or anything. It often gets sad and dramatic towards the end of each episode.

I would strongly suggest this to someone who looking for a change to watch it.

Shounen Onmyouji
Teenager Onmyoji
episodes: 26

I could tell straight away that this anime would be above average. The artwork was really good. Think of Fullmetal Alchemist… No… I really mean it; the main character looks just like Edward with black hair. Abe no Masahiro is a thirteen year old boy who wants to be a Onmyouji, unfortunately for him, his grandfather is the greatest one around and he sealed his powers. But all of a sudden he was able to see a Spirit and his abilities start to show again, unlocking his sixth sense. Mokkun/Guren starts following him around and helping him fight evil spirits, all this is just training in order for him to become the greatest Onmyoji ever alive.

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor (tv)

Guyver – The Bioboosted Armor
26 episodes

This is the first Anime Tv series I have decided to write about so enjoy.

secretive multinational Chronos Corporation has been experimenting with bioweapons. Their main product so far has been Zoanoids, bestial creatures who can disguise themselves as humans, but the height of their development efforts are three Guyver Units, living suits of armor which bond with a subject and give him fantastic fighting capabilities, ones good enough to stand up to even the toughest Zoanoids.

Guyver, whose source manga was originally serialized starting in 1985, is one of the earlier anime/manga examples of both concepts. It was popular enough to spawn a 1986 anime movie, a 12-episode OVA series that ran in 1989-1990 and 1992, and a pair of cheesy live-action American adaptations most notable for starring Mark Hamill.

These series generally take one of two basic approaches: either the hero is a good guy looking for direction or a delinquent with mad fighting skills but a heart of gold. Guyver opts for the former, and adds to it typical elements like the accidental encounter with the armor, the evil multinational corporation out to recover it (and keep their secrets) at any cost, the best friend who’s privy to his secret, the fellow student who knows more about the situation than he lets on, and the oblivious love interest, who in Sho’s (main character) case is Mizuki, the younger sister of his best friend Tetsuro.

On the Bad Guy side we have the standard “regional director in danger of losing his job/life if the special equipment can’t be recovered” configuration, with the “big boss” ultimately stepping in, although the one minor surprise here is that he becomes directly involved so early. Guyver was itself the inspiration for other anime series about individuals in powered armor battling monsters disguised as humans, as many parallels can be drawn between it and Bubblegum Crisis, among many others. It will appeal to action junkies and fans of earlier incarnations, but probably will not find an audience beyond those groups.

Mimi wo Sumaseba

Whisper of the Heart (english

OK lets get one thing straight first, I enjoy anime, especially the works of Studio Ghibli. Most people are a little hesitant to watch animated films as most people think they are just for kids. Most animated films are, but I think some of the best films along with some of the funniest films are films that are animated.

For one of Miyazaki’s rarer works, this still shows him to be the undisputed animator in the entire world! It contains no violence, no action, no profanity. I wouldn’t really call it a love story. True there are elements of an elementary school ‘crush’ but the story is more about finding one’s place in life. The main character struggles to define a future for herself, while at the same time she finds a boy who has his all planned out ahead. There are so many things to enjoy about this film, from Shizuku’s rendition of Country Roads to the beautiful surroundings she finds herself in.

Afro Samurai

Afro SamuraiAfro Samurai

Afro Samurai will stay in my collection, a samurai saga that has more than a touch of being made just right for die-hard fans of blood-drenched anime. The story is basically his father is killed by a man called “Justice”, this leads him on a journey of vengeance. Yes quite a cliché story, some science fiction to a degree, or at least futuristic in scope, mixing feudal Japan with crafty cyborgs and robots and other technology thrown in. It’s not anything exactly masterpiece-like, and after a few episodes it does come close to being a little tiresome in seeing Afro, who has little-to-no personality on his quest to achieve something higher.

Overall then, not for everyone’s tastes but in targeting its audience it is as ruthlessly efficient as Afro Samurai himself. Stylish, bloody, brooding and with an overall air of effortless cool, it is a fine series that I enjoyed. Put it this way, if you like the sound of it then you will almost certainly like it – it is that good at what it does.

Toki wo kakeru shôjo

The Girl Who Lept Through TimeThe plot of the film has a high school senior named Makoto Konno going through life blissfully hanging out with friends, and trying to cope with the pressures of being a high schooler.

On a day when everything is going wrong Makoto suddenly discovers that she has somehow become able to leap through time. Suddenly able to relive great days or correct past mistakes she thinks she has somehow managed to to find a way to make her wishes (and those of her friends) come true.

Unfortunately it soon becomes clear that some of the changes have consequences that she never intended.(I dare not say too much more since the revealing too much will clue you in too early as to whats going on in the film, perhaps taking a bit of the edge off the wonder. Trust me you’ll thank me once you see the film yourself).