Toki wo kakeru shôjo

The Girl Who Lept Through TimeThe plot of the film has a high school senior named Makoto Konno going through life blissfully hanging out with friends, and trying to cope with the pressures of being a high schooler.

On a day when everything is going wrong Makoto suddenly discovers that she has somehow become able to leap through time. Suddenly able to relive great days or correct past mistakes she thinks she has somehow managed to to find a way to make her wishes (and those of her friends) come true.

Unfortunately it soon becomes clear that some of the changes have consequences that she never intended.(I dare not say too much more since the revealing too much will clue you in too early as to whats going on in the film, perhaps taking a bit of the edge off the wonder. Trust me you’ll thank me once you see the film yourself).

2 thoughts on “Toki wo kakeru shôjo

  1. that makes complete sense. Like most anime…. or maybe its something else.

    Anyway don’t watch grave of the butterflies or Jin-Roh. Both very sucky

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