so much for the weekend…

Normally im glad to see the weekend come around …. but this weekend im ready to get over with it started out ok … but when i got home i gots a flat tire …. i think i just need to get new tires sad this is these arent even that OLD!…. and ive had two side wall ruptures!

then i find out my brother has been using my bed and i wont touch it with a 40 foot pole now … and there are no clean sheets that will fit it so guess ill be sleeping out in my car…. ugh and this is only friday!

cant wait to see what the rest of this wonderful weekend will bring ….. stay tuned!

I now have furniture in my house no more sleeping on an air mattress! but i still have a lot of unpacking i thought i was done with that …. i was wrong …haha. but im one step closer to being settled in..

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