Mimi wo Sumaseba

Whisper of the Heart (english

OK lets get one thing straight first, I enjoy anime, especially the works of Studio Ghibli. Most people are a little hesitant to watch animated films as most people think they are just for kids. Most animated films are, but I think some of the best films along with some of the funniest films are films that are animated.

For one of Miyazaki’s rarer works, this still shows him to be the undisputed animator in the entire world! It contains no violence, no action, no profanity. I wouldn’t really call it a love story. True there are elements of an elementary school ‘crush’ but the story is more about finding one’s place in life. The main character struggles to define a future for herself, while at the same time she finds a boy who has his all planned out ahead. There are so many things to enjoy about this film, from Shizuku’s rendition of Country Roads to the beautiful surroundings she finds herself in.