Rough week

I havnt been sleeping well lately. not sure why maybe its just my body try to re adapt its self to my bed since i havnt slept in a real bed for almost 2 months.

as you have notice ive been doing “reviews” of some stuff ive been using to occupy my time. its been entertaining to do these with matt doing his N64 stuff it got me thinking there has got to be somthing i can do then it hit me i watch alot of anime series/movies why not write about them ive got tons of stuff.

so ive been occuping my time going through my collection of stuff.

One thought on “Rough week

  1. My problem is quite the opposite. I have no problem sleeping. It’s gettin up in the morning that seems so hard. Doesn’t matter how long I sleep. It’s just been really hard to get out of bed in the mornings since I moved into the new place.

    I’ve been reading your reviews. Don’t really have anything to comment about on them, but a few of them do tempt me to check them out. I just gotta get internet again!

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