Harddrive Conundrum

some of you might have read my problem with my Seagate HD exploding and causeing a fire in my computer case. Well i was able to get it replaced they replaced it with a new HD that started to fail 3 days after i installed i have one thing to say …WTF!?

thats two drives now Dead from seagate and they wont refund my money they will only replace it … i seriously doubt i will ever get a working drive. this one they are replacing i will not hold my breath when i get it ill prolly have to RMA it again .. also i just learned segate bought maxtor …. this is sad now maxtor is going to suck. im only going to be buying Western digital from now on.

One thought on “Harddrive Conundrum

  1. It all depends in the HDD world what factory they come out of. A lot of them come from the same factory and are just re-branded. Not to mention the merger happened two years ago. Most likely your maxtors in your case now were manufactured under seagate rule.

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