My misadventures in Skyrim … Pieces of the past

After we had left off last time I had become a champion of an evil spirit of a Daedric prince. well I decided to travel home I had not been home in what seems like ages. back in solitude I decide that I would hide the evil mace in a chest with everything else I have collected and let it be forgotten. I visit with my house companion and find out that our little store has been quite successful and my cut was a large sum of 800 gold pieces! I decide to make my way to the pub, time for some wine and maybe a few wenches!

about half way there I’m stopped by a courier they had some mail and they had been looking all over for me! unsure why they couldn’t have left it at my house I’ll never know.  it was a pamphlet that read:

Silus Vesuius Presents

The Museum of the Mythic Dawn
A History of the Cult that Toppled the Septim Dynasty
Inside of his very own home in the great capital of the Pale, Dawnstar
Free and open to all citizens of Skyrim

now I’m getting junk mail! and I tossed the pamphlet in my bag I had wine on the to-do list! so while in the pub I hear rumors of a town suffering from waking nightmares and I think this is my chance to get back on the right path! I gather my things and go. I took a horse cart to Dawnstar and I start talking to people and no one wants to talk about their dreams … so much for that. then a rumble I looked to the skies. a blood dragon is attacking the town! I ready my spells and join with the people to defend their little town maybe this will help get me on the good side of things! I slay the dragon and reap its soul. However the people are upset with my use of magic. damn I thought, so even they have heard about the mage’s college mishap that brought me into the title of arch mage.

then I remember the museum pamphlet I go to visit the museum where I met,  Silus Vesuius. He offered me a tour of the museum, after which he asked me to retrieve the three pieces of Mehrunes’ Razor. I accepted the quest, he then gave me The Keepers of the Razor which contained his “notes” about the Razor, including information on the locations of the pieces. first was the pommel located at Dead Crone Rock, south west of Markarth. SOB I hate markarth, last time I was there the town framed me for crimes I did not commit. Due to the mountainous terrain, navigating there from Markarth was frustrating to no end! After a short way, where the rocky cliffs on both sides of the path drop back and water can be seen ahead, I encountered several packs of wolves they attacked me. I run a bit being outnumbers 6 to one but seeing as I couldn’t flee I turned on them and was going to “fus ro dah!” them to death only to find out I had the wrong shout equipped it was not “fus ro dah” but was “zul mey gut” which throws my voice it did little to distract the wolves and they pounced on me. I summon forth my chain lighting spell in a last ditch effort and after about 3 lobs the wolves were dead and I on thread of life still standing.

Soon thereafter, I stumbled upon the orc camp Dushnikh Yal where the guard Nagrub engaged me in dialogue telling me to turn back. not a problem I took the wrong turn any way I left and took a mental note for later to come back and slaughter those orshish bastards …

Dead Crone Rock.

Once inside, I ascended a series of tiers, battling Forsworn and mages along the way. At the top of the second flight of stairs, a metal gate must be unlocked, I find the lever and go through the gate and before ascending outside I saved my game. I get to the top where I’m greeted by Drascua a leader of the Forsworn. just standing there waiting I look around, alright I’ve dealt with witches before I take two step only to trip a fire trap that fries me to a crisp. game over I died ….

I reload to my last save I locate all the petty gem traps before moving forward. i take my bow and use arrows to disarm each gem, then taking my katana I dispatch Drascua and take the pommel.

I go to my next task retrieving The Razor’s blade shards are held in the basement vault of Cracked Tusk Keep, a fort occupied by Orc bandits. awesome going to kill me some orcs! The Keep’s exterior was relatively-lightly guarded by orcs, after dispatching those I enter the fort through the front door I am greeted by more guards I Incapacitated them and proceed up the stairs and through the door, where the bandit chief, Ghunzul is. this guy is set up wearing heavy armor and a large sword but no match for my chain lighting I steal his armor and his vault key. I retrieved the shards only to set off yet another trap of arrows that hurt somewhat but not nearly as much with my new shiny armor on!

last but not least was the hilt I had to speak to Jorgen in the town of Morthal. He initially claimed not to have it, and then he admits that he does, and refuses to give it to me. so I bribed him and he gave me his key to his house. shouldn’t have done that. so after getting the hilt I rob him blind and return to Silus. we travel to the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. Upon arrival, Silus was unable to get Dagon to repair the Dagger, so he asked me to interact with the shrine. As soon as I did, the daedric prince manifested and demanded that I kill Silus. Silus pleads to me to spare him in return for 500 gold, saying that he will place the pieces of the Razor in a display case in his house. nope I’ve gone this far I want a new dagger … I kill Silus and get the dagger. at this point I am now the champion of two daedric princes. so much for being the people’s hero.