Analog Letters

Do you remember the days prior to the age of email? I remember as a kid I would write letters to friends that moved away. but I am not old enough to remember the time when that was the only way to communicate. In a time filled with electronic data and multitudes of input begging for our attention every day, People take for granted this old way of communication. today we don’t know what it is like to just sit down and actually put ink to paper and write a letter to someone.

In fact I did just this last night I wrote several letters to some friends and sent them via snail mail. I did this in hope that maybe It’s a welcome change to the typical junk that greets them every day but Sundays and holidays. Handwritten letters have that extra touch of personalization and love, if you will. Someone sat down and personally wrote a letter by hand to you and only you. They didn’t type a blanket email that was sent to fifty-seven people, right? Instead, they wrote something just for you. Anyway, I’m getting on a personal campaign to actually write and mail letters. each day I’m sitting at my computer I have my phone right next to me, I’m surrounded by technology each and every day all day long!

so I am trying to get away from it just a little bit each day. that is when I thought I would write some letters!