Dreams, a continuation of an adventure

Ever since I was a little, I have had an active dream life. Vivid dreaming has always been with me. I still remember a few dreams from when I was young. one dream I remember is I was the only one around except for my grandfather he was there but in a trench and he keeps telling me to run and get out of there but I would not abandon him I kept trying to figure out how to get him out. I also clearly remember a vivid dream about hanging off the edge of the world. people standing above looking at me laughing and not attempting to help me. one boy would tell me to just let go, I would never be able to climb up, never make anything of myself and to just end it all for my sake and everyone else.

A lot of people I know hardly ever remember their dreams, but most every night I am lost in the world of my dreams. I never feel rested and wonder if it is because of my double life involving these dreams. Sometimes I have had something happen in a dream and will hit me with a déjà vu feeling and all the images from my dream come rushing back. My dreams can seem so real sometimes. In the past, I spent a lot of time daydreaming. It was as if I was constantly shooting a movie in my head. Maybe there is a connection between my vivid imagination and my dreaming.  I was thinking about one of my dreams the other day and one thing that really struck me was the incredible details that are involved. In my dreams, I visit places that I have never been and it is interesting to me how my mind comes up with these places. I may find myself in a house that in no way resembles a house, but the layout is so specific. I also get a lot of fantasy elements bleed into my dreams as well.

I have wondered if I spent less time in the world of dreams, if I would actually feel well rested. At the same time I also find some sense of comfort in my dreams. It is an escape from everyday reality and sometimes that can be a good thing. Sometimes I have such nice and interesting dreams that stay with me all day, but other times the dream causes me distress because of the negative emotions involved.

last night I had another dream. I was on a lake, a crystal-clear placid lake. There wasn’t even a single ripple on the surface. When I said I was on it I didn’t mean in a boat no I was standing on the water, I wasn’t alone I was there with someone I didn’t recognize who she was, but in my dream I was angry with them and I started looking around. notice smoke rising in a clearing of the forest. I look back at this other person they had grabbed my had and were crying at this point. I still wasn’t listening to her still angry with her she tried to get me to go with her, but I just waved her away. I turned a tear down my cheek, it was a sense of regret, for leaving her however I was still angry.  I grasped my amulet and leaped towards this clearing in the forest as I landed I could tell it was a village being destroyed by a man controlling what appeared to be a golem made of wood.

the man with a grin on his face the wide as a canyon as he watch his creation destroy this village. he saw me and all of a sudden a flash of fear upon his face; his smile gone. he commands his golem to attack me. then all of a sudden I feel the rage just over come me I release my sword from its scabbard and charge the golem. as I’m charging my sword releases a blue flame, I leap I chant a spell I know not the words I said, but with all my might I cleave this massive golem in half. as I land it bust into the same blue flame my sword gives off. the man now with such a look of horror and disbelief is now within arm’s length on me he falls too his knees, and begging for me to spare his life. I look down at him, and I am still so full of this rage. I ask him where will I find the “storms of the shadows, the ones that gave you this power!” he looked at me and said they cannot be found. then I asked him what this village did to deserve the fate he so dared to bring upon them. he told me that before he was blessed with such powers that this town’s people refused to help him in his time of need when his family was taken from him when he was thrown to the streets and forced to beg during the last great war. then someone in the back yelled out why should we have helped someone who refused to share his crops in the time of need during the winters. he looked at me why should I have shared when they could not pay! I took the end of my hit and pressed it against his forehead and said, you deserve less than what I am about to give you. you deserve death but that punishment is to easy for you. upon your head I place this mark you shall not eat, you shall not drink, you shall not die, and you shall not sleep until you have felt the pain you have brought upon these lands 10 fold.  I left him there and walked to a hill. sheathed my sword and the rage inside me began to subside.

I remove my amulet and held it up and it begins to shine and it starts to emit light in the direction I was facing. I notice the village people coming up to speak with me I turn to then raise my hand and say “I did not do this to save you. your village means nothing to me and from what it sounds like this tragedy is just as much as your fault as his. learn from your mistakes.” then I started off in to the forest and that was it I woke up to my alarm.

it was much like a continuation of one of my previous dreams, and writing this down is starting to make my blood boil I want to write another story about characters I have created.  another adventure!