Dungeons and maybe a few dragons

Thodon Roaday

So recently I have been getting back into Dungeons and Dragons. in fact last night I was up till all most 3 am playing.  Keep in mind the last time I was actively playing it was still at version 2.5. I have had the 4th Edition books for some time now but never really got down and read them until recently. me and some clan mates started messing around with an application called maptools by Rptools.net basically this application is a virtual “tabletop” that allows you to play without actually being in the same house and same room.

it’s a community driven project that is not organized at and you have to do a lot of experimenting to learn it but once you have it down its amazingly powerful and awesome. we have been running a game using it. now this game is very unorganized and we are kind of just making it up as we go along but we are learning and it’s been a blast getting back into D&D again. I am a very storyline driven player and this time around I am playing a paladin. Thodon Roaday, Paladin of Kord, fight for honor, strength, and battle.  Thodon originally use to be a Half elf woodsman(ranger as they are called now). I also learned 2.5 rules do not translate well to 4e. also the skills have been changed up a bit and so I’m rolling a character like I would for 2.5 big mistake when importing to 4e everything has changed!

another issues I that as a human in 2.5 you can play as a thief, cleric, and wizard. so I rolled my character similar to a warrior cleric. again not a wise choice. I had not realized that the paladin uses wisdom for some of his attacks, which is not an issue because most of his other stuff is strength based and its only a difference of 2~3 points but in time I can remember where that was the difference in a battle. let’s just hope this doesn’t come back and bite me in the ass. It would not be the first time I died in a campaign due to a misplaced stat. Just another thing for me to bring to my blog my D&D adventures!