my misadventures in skyrim… my character

Ok I really can’t talk about my last session of skyrim, because it would spoil most of the main storyline and I really don’t to ruin that for anyone that wants to play the game. So I decided that this post I would introduce my character.

Race: Nord
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior Mage
Weapon: Katana and Dagger / Glass Bow
Magcika: Destruction – Main: Chain Lightning Off Hand: Turn Undead
Name: Tabitha Eluvielle

Back story: She grew up in an army camp moving from province to province. At the age of 13 she had witnessed a terrible war killing her father, her mother then moved to Rifton and re-married. Years later she had two other sisters, Anja, and Tonna as well as a brother, Soldin. She being the eldest she took up after her father and became a warrior often leaving home for months living off the land and taking mercenary jobs. When returning back to skyrim the imperials mistook her as stormcloak and sent her to be executed.

Skills: Battle hardened and experienced with the long bow and swords, Tabitha is more than capable of defeating her enemies, while magicka is not her main focus she is capable of using some of the most powerful spells and is currently the Archmage of Winterhold.

Now before we go and make a big deal of it yes my first character is a female. There is not a specific reason behind this. I decided to do a random roll and play that character and so that’s what I doing.  Now that I have logged about 50 hours into this character I have become attached to her. This also has allowed me write about her adventures. I’m glad I went with this setup. I never thought I would get into a game like I do with skyrim. I really enjoy writing about my time in skyrim and hope that my readers enjoy reading my stories. With my new found love I have discovered in fantasy renewed and finding the ability to put that into words to share with everyone has made my life just a little bit more enjoyable.