Are you in a funk? … why yes I am.

I woke up in a funk today and I am very unsure of the motive behind that funk.  I guess you could say my mood is depressy (yes I just made up a word for my mood, get over it) I slept hard last night didn’t even hear the thunder last night. normally the sound of the first clack I’m up and alert I hate thunderstorms. However not last night I was having a very vivid dream there were storms in my dream.

I was with someone, and I knew them. we were together, but no one wanted us together people from our past and people from our present were haunting us and trying to pull us apart. trying to rip us away. this whole time I could never understand why some many disapproved. was it their jealously, their hatred, or was it some kind of force driving them mad! It was a bitter fight the entire time, but we prevailed trial after trial. then darkness arose; storms and shadows begin to emerge and unpleasant feelings came over me.   you know that feeling you get that sends chills down your spine, those feelings.  as the darkness came my vision grew faint voices were heard, but not understood. next thing I know I’m alone, the shadows retreat my sunshine; my light was taken from me! as my vision comes into focus the normal setting is coming back, but one element missing my anchor, the one that gives me ground. all that remained was an amulet their favorite amulet(you can tell my passion for fantasy leaks into my dreams) I grab it and it begins to glow pointing in a direction. it was showing me my path, this path would lead me to them. it’s all I can see now the path in front of me I take my sword (again passion for fantasy) from the mantle from where it hung and set out to find my light; my anchor so that I can be whole again.

it was a dream of dreams; normally I do not remember them being as vivid but these last two dreams. I cannot forget. I am thinking this is why I am in a funk today this dream was not a happy dream at the end, and I awoke with anger in my thoughts . it was just a dream I keep telling myself that yet I cannot bring myself to forget it. a lot of people can brush off their dreams I am a person who loves his dreams. and it could be that is just the artist in me. I gain insight for my artwork that I post over at deviantART from my dreams. I also believe dreams can also bring us warnings or foresight about our lives.  I’m not saying we are able to predict the future with our dreams, but through our dreams our subconscious can show us things about what’s currently going on.  I whole heartedly believe that this dream is my mind is trying to tell me something but for the life of me I cannot figure it out, oh well I will just continue to go on with the way things are.