Gaming, Battlefield 3, it’s what I do

Sitting down and trying to figure out what I want to write about today, and my mind came up blank. I am in a better mood today even though it’s raining and I epically failed to jump over the same puddle 3 friggin times.  Tonight is another toxic rangers match we are up against an opponent that should prove to be better than the last team. last match we rocked them hard.

Battlefield 3 has been a blast to play I remember back in the days of counter strike 1.6 I was pretty good at that game. After awhile I quit playing pc games as my main source of gaming I stuck to the ps2 and GameCube.  Battlefield 2 came out I was playing it a lot but because of my lack of playing First person shooters I sucked at it horribly. I was convinced that may days at pc gaming were over. then came guild wars and everquest 2. I have played guild wars to the point I just don’t have anything left to play in that game. everquest 2 I played until about 2007 and then went on an almost 5 year hiatus and I have been playing it again. about a year maybe year and a half ago I joined a gaming clan. they are Talon Clan at the time I joined they were playing Battlefield Bad company 2 another game I utterly suck at. as you can see here at bfBC2stats. I normally do not care about my stats when playing games like this. as you can see my Kill/death ratio was a .45 that means I died a lot more than I killed. I was an affective distraction for my squad mates/teammates and that’s how I played that game.

Battlefield 3 is a whole different ballgame, this game I’m pretty good at and I’m improving exponentially. I dominate at the support class. With the addition of suppression points I have become a vital component of our team. I can keep the enemy pinned down while my squad mates flank.  another thing about support is on a map called operation metro, there is on spot that if I’m able to get to and have time to get in prone and bipod up my light machinegun I am just a death machine no one ever thinks to check that hallway they just rush in and I can get 5-6 kills before they start throwing rpgs at me. playing the support class has gotten me a new nick name “spray noob” because I was called spray noob by another player because he ran into my line of fire. I wasn’t even trying to kill anyone I was just laying down suppression to distract them. not my fault they ran into my line of fire. I have also been getting better at c4’ing tanks, and every time I do I have to laugh maniacally. I may have an evil side to me yet.

another thing about BF3 is that I have been ask to join a team to play competitively and they are the toxic rangers an elite group within Talon that started this year to play competitively. we currently are ranked 26th and need to be rank 16 or higher to be invited to the tournament. we have 4 more weeks left of the season so anything is possible. if we don’t make it this was a big learning experience for everyone.