Zhaitan – Most Disappointing Boss Fight Ever? ** Spoilers **

So here we have Zhaitan, Mr. Elder Dragon of Orr. According to the developers, this fellow Is just an ANT to him. Zhaitan would be 20 times his size. Their exact words even:


Tequatl the Sunless

And then we get this concept art for him:


Zhaitan concept art

Incredible! Right? Well,

he’s about half the size he should’ve been…that’s my biggest disappointment. Jormag’s tooth is bigger than Zhaitan’s head, Zhaitan being the dragon who is made out of other dragons. Everything leading up to the Zhaitan fight was fantastic and had me on the edge of my seat. Surely the actual fight must be incredible? But when we actually got to fight Zhaitan it was incredibly anti-climatic and boring.

The fight consists of fighting waves of adds while the all powerful, primordial god dragon sits there looking at you with a stern glare. the main reason why the fight is so anti-climmatic, is because WE DON’T FIGHT HIM. He flies around the gunship, spewing lots of minions at you, you kill them, and he spews more. Eventually there’s a cinematic of him being wounded by the ship’s cannon,then after a few more lobbing of mobs. UPDATEMatt pointed out in the comments below “the ghost busters shoot him, but unfortunately forget to cross the streams so they don’t finish him off….” he lands and grabs onto a big tower, and basically sits there and stares at you while more minions spawn. I don’t mind the dungeon being easy; it’s story mode. It’s not meant to be incredible difficult. But all that build up for that?

How I pictured the fight being:
Lets rewind to when we hit Zhaitan with the mega laser and go from there. Hitting zhaitan with the laser would have made him start to fall from the sky. He would grab onto the side of the ship with his hand and pull himself onto the front of the ship with his head and wings being the only thing above the ship his hands would be holding onto the sides of the ship behind the wing) The players would then have to run up and fight Zhaitan’s tentacle-mouth-head-things. The heads could have some mechanic that makes one grab hold of a party member and deal damage to them and everyone in the party would have to switch targets and hit it to free him. When a head is defeated it could be sucked back in. and would lower the damage the party is taking as a result… His wings could also shoot projectiles that explode in an AoE. The entire time you’re fighting Zhaitan’s tentacles and the adds he’s spawning the mega laser would be charging up. Once the laser is fully charged it would fire at Zhaitan’s head and knock him off the ship.

He would then enter a flying mode where he flys by the side of the ship (Its random which side he comes by each time and he can come from the back or from the front) firing some undead projectiles at the ship. The players have to then shoot the projectiles with the cannons before the projectiles hit the cannon. If one of the projectiles hit a cannon it would break the cannon and spawn adds. You would then have to protect an engineer from the adds while they fix the cannon. After a certain amount of times he’s flown by (say 3 for example) he will fly up by the ship and the players will have to shoot at his wings to damage him.They’ll be able to do this for a certain amount of time before he flys off and starts shooting projectiles again. After he reaches a certain HP his wings will turn red (like they did in the current version) and he will fall once more. after this he cant fly so he climbs up the spire and thats when you should then start bombarding him with canon fire.

Oh well, at least the rest of the game is incredible. Though as i sit here and write this i’ve looked back and answered a few things that softens the blow a bit but not really:

  1. Zhaitan and primordius are TINY elder dragons, we’ve seen primordious and he really wasn’t that big, granted, we’ve also seen Kralkatorrik and he makes zhaitan and primordious look like they are midgets.
  2. Zhaitans strength isn’t from his own abilities it’s from the shear power of the undead horde, it makes sense that he doesn’t do very much himself but instead just sits there and sends undead at you instead

Minecraft, whats the point?

minecraft_iconI was asked today why I “play a stupid game like Minecraft” well its fun and simple but minecraft also teaches, creativity, planning, and project development methodology.  When I play other games like Planetside or Guild Wars I enjoy them but they can really really frustrate me. Minecraft is game I can sit and relax and just enjoy a simple fun adventure game. You might ask but Minecraft has violence too! There is no blood and dead mobs simply turn red, fall over, and then disappear in smoke. There is combat, but it is in the context of survival, not gratuitous killing and is not graphic.

Minecraft can have a huge educational benefit for children; it can help teach numerous subjects both with and without adult involvement. Learning in Minecraft can be faster than traditional methods of education, as children are often far more motivated, get more practice, and feel that what they are learning is useful.

Reading  – The names of items in the inventory are a great place to start teaching children to read, since each item has a tooltip and image which go together. For older children, reading the wiki and online guides can extend their skills.

Math – The crafting system can help in teaching basic math (e.g. I need 3 Sugar Cane for Paper), which transitions to multiplication (I need 3 Paper and 1 Leather for a Book, and 3 Books for a Bookshelf, so I need 9 Paper and 3 Leather all together) and division (When I create Paper I get 3 at once, so 9/3 = 3 times per Bookshelf I’ll have to create Paper).

Geometry – While the Minecraft world is only made up of cubes, the creations a child makes may resemble other shapes. Parental involvement can help teach children to recognize these shapes (cube, cuboid, square based pyramid, etc.). Also, counting the number of blocks that were dug out when making a 6x6x3 cave can help multiplication skills and understanding the of concepts of volume and area.

Music – With the preparation of some Redstone circuitry, experimenting with Note Blocks can teach children about notes, octaves and chords.

Social skills – By setting up a private server, parents can provide a safe environment for children to interact with friends and make playing Minecraft a cooperative event. Using a Local Area Network (LAN, or “home network”) will allow children to play in the same room with their friends. By using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP, or “voice chat”), a phone call, or the in-game text chat, they can play together wherever they are. Either method allows children to work together to build, explore, and learn as they develop their social skills, especially teamwork. For older children, contributing to the Minecraft Wiki can be a chance to learn about Internet etiquette and collaboration.

Basic Computer Science – Redstone circuitry provides an interactive environment to build basic logic circuits and combine them for more sophisticated purposes. Feedback is immediate, and the mistakes don’t destroy expensive electrical components.

shown by example

Apparently I missed something that blew up on the internet so i am not entirely sure what caused it. It has to do with a recent move against people who claim to be nerds/geeks. Particularly when it talks about females that are considered extremely attractive on the scales of society.  This all stemmed from a statement made about the girls that cosplay at comic cons and other fan-based conventions.

So what spurred this post? This video:  http://www.ifc.com/portlandia/videos/portlandia-nerd-psa

The “Nerd PSA,” above. It is a nicely done, with a man named Brian who describes himself as “an actual nerd” (and does not appear to be an actor; however he could just be a really good actor) insisting that the purely derogatory term “nerd” does not describe, for instance, “a sexy girl who went to a second week screening of The Avengers.” That “true nerds do not like being called nerds” The idea that women are not real nerds, and that some of them are, for whatever reason, faking it, is a fairly common notion among us. Some of you might be asking why?

To start with we have to understand the idea of gatekeeper behavior. This is where someone in a particular social group decides it’s up to them to protect the group by determining what is and isn’t appropriate for that group and attempting to purge that which they deem inappropriate. Pick any type of group that a person could be in, political, religious, social, or professional and you will find people who act as gatekeepers for that group.

By their very nature a gatekeeper is going to be a conservative member of that community as they want to keep it pure. Now how do we apply this to geek culture?  You have to remember that as we have said before the various subsets that make up geek culture have traditionally been male dominated industries that cater to a male dominate fan base. But smart business owners know that it is good to expand your consumer base and the best way to do that is to appeal to as broad a market as possible. For a male dominated market this means trying to bring in the rest of the human race, in other words females.

While this seems simple on the surface, there is a catch. That catch is that while someone new may enjoy something, they way they enjoy it may be different than how you do.

So basically what we have an issue where people are feeling threaten because other people are doing things differently. We are also starting to believe that our one place of safety from what we call society is becoming smaller and smaller a place that we cannot run too any longer as it gains more and more popular among the masses. I used to think the same way. I use to think that by letting others, who shunned me for being a nerd/geek, have a taste of my world then my world would no longer be mine. That has changed now; I say we let them embrace it in hopes that it starts to open their eyes. We have to set the standards by example, we have to show them the path and embrace those who truly want to express their passions. Show that there is nothing wrong with being passionate about something. immersing oneself into that passion.

When people start to understand each other only then will the lines that are thought to never cross will cross.

why does growing up mean no more fun?

Grow Up… I’ve been told many times to do so. I don’t believe that growing up means you cannot be immature, hyper and crazy sometimes. Growing up doesn’t mean that you have to stop having fun. Growing up just means, taking responsibility, being wiser and more mature, being able to differentiate the time to play and the time to work

I’m in my late 20’s so I’ve experienced the innocence and inquisitiveness of being a toddler, active play and imagination as a child, pushing boundaries and exploring new things as a teenager, and now developing and navigating a sense of self, self-acceptance and self-efficacy as I take what I have learned thus far and experiment creating a life in the real world. When though, did society teach us that we must live in segmented stages of life? Society tells us that if you are now in your ‘adult’ stage of life you better stop acting like a child. I’m sorry, when did ‘society’ decide that eating food with my hands, finding shapes in the clouds and jumping on the bed is not acceptable behaviour for me? I am AWARE that I have been on this planet longer, but I do not feel ‘older’. Why then, should I stop doing the things I loved doing as a child (the things that brought me massive joy by the way) simply because I’m old enough to buy liquor and qualify for a mortgage.

It seems to me that it would make more sense, as we age, to retain all the amazing qualities we’ve developed, and discard the ones that aren’t as amazing. I am a child at heart, and so is everyone else. We have just forgotten what it feels like. Which is so bizarre to me. Adults ‘plan’ fun. Children have fun on impulse. If an idea comes to a kid, they do it. They don’t think about who’s watching, or if what they’re doing is going to create a mess (because if it does, you can clean it up later anyways). They just live fun. They are Joy in action all the time. It seems that we stop doing the fun things because someone in our lives told us that ‘adults’ don’t do that.

We, based on external and internal stimuli, create our perception of the World. And it is our perception of reality, that creates our emotions, and thus how we see/feel/experience the World. Every experience (good and bad), every person you talk to, every advertisement you see, every parent, sibling, friend, teacher, co-worker, or partner who has ever dispensed on you their ‘opinion’ of you and who you are, has the potential to shape our grooves, and thus, how we experience ourselves in this world. Being UNAWARE that external stimuli affects our reality.

By not taking responsibility for our own thoughts and actions we fall victim to our own lives. The next time someone tells you that you’re are a bad listener, or that your dreams are unattainable, stop for a moment before you internalize these thoughts and act on them.

meditating. a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or as an end in itself. it was not until I started Aikido that I started meditating. and it was until recently that I learned what meditation does for me. Don’t think you can meditate? Close your eyes. Take 1 deep breath in, then out. Now imagine yourself jumping on the bounciest bed you have ever been on. Feel how alive you feel. Now remember a time in your childhood when you got the best hug you’ve ever had. Stay here for a moment. Let your heart melt a bit. Exhale.

Be good, to yourself, to others, and to the planet. Give to receive.dance in your underwear, run through sprinklers, ask questions, believe in people, hope, have Faith, have faith in others, and in yourself. If you want to attract people around you who like who you are, guess what, you HAVE TO BE WHO YOU ARE AT ALL TIMES!

You really are a Grinch aren’t you?

Just for some clarification, my last post was intended to be partly funny and partly serious. the holiday season is not my most favorite time of the year. In fact my most favorite time of the year is any day I do not have to work. I am not big into the holidays year around. but that doesn’t mean I out right hate everyone. I help people on a daily basis and for the most part I enjoy it. even though I rarely get appreciated for the help I do give. ever since I was a kid I have loved solving difficult problems the harder the problem the more fun I had solving it. Guess that’s why I love sciences, math, and technology as much as I do. It is why I love RPG games, such and LoZ series and why I got into Dungeons & Dragons they are games that not only require a bit of thinking power. one game (the latter) required the use of your mind and imagination; working alongside each other to win.

I build and repair computers for a living. Truth be told if I did not enjoy that type of work I wouldn’t be there. albeit rare I do occasionally get that customer that is just pleased I was able to help them and the cost is well worth it to them just to have their computer working again. it is those customers I treasure and love seeing in the store because they understand I am doing my job and they know I do a great job. This job gives me the rush that I get from solving a difficult problem. So many times when I talk to other professionals in my field they don’t even try to fix the issue they just go straight to the formatting the hard drive and re-installation of windows. a common misconception is that virus and malware are out to corrupt windows. that is not true the people behind a majority of the malware out there don’t want to put your computer out of commission they want it to function so they can make money off of it. now there are viruses and malware out there intent in destroying your computer but there is no money in those though. so when I get an infected machine in my office I see it as a challenge to be conquered!

“What about those Face book and Twitter post you read all the time!? how do you put up with those people?” well yes I like to make fun of stupid people and sharing the experience but you will notice I never reveal who they really are. I will never just make fun of anyone to their face that is not professional and anyone who does treat a customer like that to their face does not deserve to have their job. that’s the difference, no matter how dumb or stupid the problem may be I handle it just like I would anything else, because that means great customer service. you cannot get into the business I am and expect everyone to know how to do everything there would no reason for people like me if everyone knew how to do what I do.

Just like any job that deals with the general populous there are times you have to grow a thick skin. There are always people out trying to get stuff done for next to nothing or free. by complaining about customer service. today’s society has taught people to get their money back all they have to do is complain to a higher up and by doing that they threaten to ruin the company’s image so the higher ups will refund to save face. here is the kicker people lie, and they lie a lot. 9.5 or of 10 customers that claim they are going to take their service elsewhere and claim they are going to tarnish the company’s image are damn dirty liars and don’t have the balls to do anything. I have learned over the years if a customer comes in unhappy they are going to leave unhappy regardless. their bark is worse than their bite. if someone threatens to go to a different service I tell them to go, they are not going hurt me one bit. I do not want to serve customers like that.

I can go all day talking about this so I will give you this … when you get home at night do you feel like you did some good for the world that day? if your answer is no maybe you need to reevaluate some stuff. No matter how bad of day I may have there is always that feeling of accomplishment when I get home because I helped someone. By helping just that one appreciated customer you start a chain of reactions that will eventually come full circle back to you.  Even if that stupid task of showing some one that they are pressing the power button on the monitor instead of the computer or as simple as showing someone how to delete a file. so all I am asking for everyone to just take that extra step to be nice to people no matter how horrible they are to you. You can always make fun of them after they leave. Laugh, make sure you laugh each and every day! Life is dull with out laughter.

its that time of year again…

Grumpy hates it too

I’m an admitted hater of all things Christmas. I just hate this holiday season. Commercialization of the holiday has blinded everyone to the true reason for the season(whatever that might be).  I still HATE Christmas.

Cookies and peppermint sticks. Little lights twinkling everywhere. The way every time you come inside from the cold; your glasses fog up and you can’t see for hours! Friends and family coming together only to argue about why they didn’t get what they wanted. Coats and scarves and glove. Oh my, gloves. I do so hate those. you cant grab onto anything to save your life, and you can barely move when you are all bundled up. The way it gets dark outside so early I feel like I have to go to bed at 5:30 pm.

Every year we send flimsy bits of cardboard with awful pictures on them to people we never see or speak to throughout the year. And every year we get flimsy bits of cardboard with awful pictures on them given to us which we then have to display in our homes in case the giver happens to drop by. Which is unlikely seeing as we haven’t seen or spoken to them all year. Decorations I don’t mind what people have inside their homes, as I don’t have to look at it. I’m talking about the stuff people decorate the outside of their homes with. As far as I can tell, there are two rules every outside decorator thinks they must obey: the lights must be the brightest you can find, and if they don’t flash and/or cause a hazardous distraction to drivers, you’ve not used enough. For preference, you should also create your own Nativity/Farm/North Pole with brightly lit animal structures too, for that added tackiness.

The Christmas season is a story of nuclear families huddled around the fireplace, all celebrating the same holiday in good cheer. Yet everyone’s supposed to have the same families around them, the same religious beliefs, and the same good things happen to them. this is hogwash. To me, a real Christmas spirit of loving, kindness and warmth would celebrate diversity, rather than bury it. What I’m saying is, it would be nice to remember is that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a life-partner, let alone a nuclear family, and that some people are really quite okay with that. Just like some people are okay with not having a Christmas tree, or being in a wheelchair, or whatever.