why does growing up mean no more fun?

Grow Up… I’ve been told many times to do so. I don’t believe that growing up means you cannot be immature, hyper and crazy sometimes. Growing up doesn’t mean that you have to stop having fun. Growing up just means, taking responsibility, being wiser and more mature, being able to differentiate the time to play and the time to work

I’m in my late 20’s so I’ve experienced the innocence and inquisitiveness of being a toddler, active play and imagination as a child, pushing boundaries and exploring new things as a teenager, and now developing and navigating a sense of self, self-acceptance and self-efficacy as I take what I have learned thus far and experiment creating a life in the real world. When though, did society teach us that we must live in segmented stages of life? Society tells us that if you are now in your ‘adult’ stage of life you better stop acting like a child. I’m sorry, when did ‘society’ decide that eating food with my hands, finding shapes in the clouds and jumping on the bed is not acceptable behaviour for me? I am AWARE that I have been on this planet longer, but I do not feel ‘older’. Why then, should I stop doing the things I loved doing as a child (the things that brought me massive joy by the way) simply because I’m old enough to buy liquor and qualify for a mortgage.

It seems to me that it would make more sense, as we age, to retain all the amazing qualities we’ve developed, and discard the ones that aren’t as amazing. I am a child at heart, and so is everyone else. We have just forgotten what it feels like. Which is so bizarre to me. Adults ‘plan’ fun. Children have fun on impulse. If an idea comes to a kid, they do it. They don’t think about who’s watching, or if what they’re doing is going to create a mess (because if it does, you can clean it up later anyways). They just live fun. They are Joy in action all the time. It seems that we stop doing the fun things because someone in our lives told us that ‘adults’ don’t do that.

We, based on external and internal stimuli, create our perception of the World. And it is our perception of reality, that creates our emotions, and thus how we see/feel/experience the World. Every experience (good and bad), every person you talk to, every advertisement you see, every parent, sibling, friend, teacher, co-worker, or partner who has ever dispensed on you their ‘opinion’ of you and who you are, has the potential to shape our grooves, and thus, how we experience ourselves in this world. Being UNAWARE that external stimuli affects our reality.

By not taking responsibility for our own thoughts and actions we fall victim to our own lives. The next time someone tells you that you’re are a bad listener, or that your dreams are unattainable, stop for a moment before you internalize these thoughts and act on them.

meditating. a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or as an end in itself. it was not until I started Aikido that I started meditating. and it was until recently that I learned what meditation does for me. Don’t think you can meditate? Close your eyes. Take 1 deep breath in, then out. Now imagine yourself jumping on the bounciest bed you have ever been on. Feel how alive you feel. Now remember a time in your childhood when you got the best hug you’ve ever had. Stay here for a moment. Let your heart melt a bit. Exhale.

Be good, to yourself, to others, and to the planet. Give to receive.dance in your underwear, run through sprinklers, ask questions, believe in people, hope, have Faith, have faith in others, and in yourself. If you want to attract people around you who like who you are, guess what, you HAVE TO BE WHO YOU ARE AT ALL TIMES!