There are a few disadvantages..

To living in a small town….

One is that DHL does not deliver in my area although they deliver in the town not 30 miles away heaven forbid they have to drive 30 mins south to deliver a package.  I was suppose to get my laptop today, however since DHL doesn’t deliver to La Crosse what happens is everything goes to KC and gets forwarded to USPS … which in and of itself isn’t all that terrible except now ive no way of tracking where my package is. it could be on its way to Alaska for all i know.

next is the USPS itself in La Crosse does not deliver to street addresses. They only deliver to PO Boxes which is a problem alot of merchants wont ship to PO Boxes, so in the case of my situation with my laptop is i have to go in and tell them that there is a package being sent to my street address. then i have to hope that the someone thats working that day when it does finally arrive will kindly still deliver my package … ive noticed that in small towns Government workers dont care. if i get the wrong person they will send my package back because it was address to my street address and not my PO Box.

I dont understand the issue of delivering a package that doesnt have the PO Box address … it has my name, city, and zip on it and my name is assigned to the PO Box so you know i live here. what possible harm can come to delivering the package to my PO Box?

this is the only beef i have with the town i live in and every small town seems to have this problem … my home town had this problem..i would rather live in a small town over a larger towns. they are cheaper to live in, alot quieter, and a lil more friendlier. i can enjoy being my self without ppl harassing me telling me to turn down the music, telling me to keep my dogs quiet, or just telling me that im somehow making your life miserable. ppl in larger town, now i know not every one is like this, seem to be alot more rude and have alot less patience. they just have to keep moving at a much faster pace not have the time to just sit back and relax.

3 thoughts on “There are a few disadvantages..

  1. I don’t think it’s unique to small towns that government workers don’t care. I think that’s a pretty consistent thread no matter where you are.

    I’m pretty much with you though. The benefits of a small town out weight the drawbacks. Cities are nice to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. People always ask “What is there to do out there?” Well..not much, but even if you live in a city for a while, you’re gonna run out of stuff to do and be bored.

  2. well i didn’t word that right. i guess being in a small town you tend to notice that the government workers just plain suck because 9 our to 10 times you know them and they are just as crappy as a person as they are as a government worker, that tends to make them seem worse.

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