Adventures in IRC

Again i dont know why i keep going back ….they never make any sense…

<+UThere> forgot you were here
<optix> lol
<polyp> UThere: on lappy
<Neonic> lol
<polyp> proceed
<+UThere> oh, lol
<@timecop> what the fuck is this
<Arcon> dongs
<@timecop> LZZ: waht the fuck did you send me
<@timecop> and whey did oyu send it to ME
<Neonic> lol timecop RAGE
<LZZ> and for who should I send?
<LZZ> nobody told me i changed
<@timecop> ??????????????????????
<@timecop> you never sent it to me before oyu moron
<Liz> LZZ you changed 0.o
<LZZ> ah
<Arcon> lol
<LZZ> ah, thats rigth
<LZZ> fuck
<Arcon> looooooooooool
<LZZ> done