oh gotta love Guild Wars

i was going through my screen shots of Guild Wars, I was bored.

and i came across this one and it still cracks me up.

No F'n Way!

No F'n Way

its a long running joke that in my guild my character is the least lucky out of everyone .. it seems and this is an inside joke among my guild mates but if you group with me and decided to do some runs its guaranteed you will get some great drops especially dye drops because normally how it goes, my character gets nothing. well one night i was on fire i was able to get two green weapon drops and salvage a ruby from a weapon a ruby is a rare crafting material in the game and this screen shot still cracks me up jsut read the convo window…

2 thoughts on “oh gotta love Guild Wars

  1. Well seems like you’ve been on a streak of average luck lately from what I’ve seen. Last couple days your drops have been as good as mine if not better while we’ve been partied up.

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