who need the taskbar …

when you have rocketdock

no taskbar

heres how i can access the start menu


How to replace tutorial
REMOVE TASKBAR LINK Download it – 20 kb .exe file that enables you to easily hide or unhide the taskbar without manually editing the registry.


kkMenu mod i used
kkmenu vista skin pack

To add log off/shutdow buttons you make a shortcut to shutdown.exe and add certain switches.

-t How much time to wait. Default is 15 or 30 seconds
-r Restart
-s Shutdown
-l Logoff
-f Force
-c Leave comment(not required. Leave blank if time is 0)
-a Abort if the timers still going

Shutdown [shutdown.exe -s -t 0]
Restart [shutdown.exe -r -t 0]
Logoff [logoff.exe] OR [shutdown -l -t 0]
You can add the -f switch to the end of them you you don’t get the “Program not responding” End Now button.

9 thoughts on “who need the taskbar …

  1. Adam_Y,

    Its not about either to me. its about learning, finding out what can be done, tearing it apart seeing what is there and putting it back together. you would be surprised how functional the mod really is. Everything is still accessible from the dock; everything is still there.

  2. Well, following your example I’ll give it a whirl and see what happens.

    Personally I’m all about streamlining when I try to mod my desktop… it’s all an effor to combat my natural tendacies to clutter and dawdle.


  3. well one thing i will add dont use the app thats on hte possible related sites that word press generates ill post some better tutorials

  4. coffii,

    now i know for a fact you dont use linspire … so why even ask that question?

    besides linspire is just ubuntu you have to pay for thats already set up for you…

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