who need the taskbar …

when you have rocketdock

no taskbar

heres how i can access the start menu


How to replace tutorial
REMOVE TASKBAR LINK Download it – 20 kb .exe file that enables you to easily hide or unhide the taskbar without manually editing the registry.


kkMenu mod i used
kkmenu vista skin pack

To add log off/shutdow buttons you make a shortcut to shutdown.exe and add certain switches.

-t How much time to wait. Default is 15 or 30 seconds
-r Restart
-s Shutdown
-l Logoff
-f Force
-c Leave comment(not required. Leave blank if time is 0)
-a Abort if the timers still going

Shutdown [shutdown.exe -s -t 0]
Restart [shutdown.exe -r -t 0]
Logoff [logoff.exe] OR [shutdown -l -t 0]
You can add the -f switch to the end of them you you don’t get the “Program not responding” End Now button.