random photos..

i had my camera out taking photos of parts i salvaged from a laptop and im going to try and sell them… well my camera was working well tonight and i got some amazing photos they may not be much but im in awe …

but first you have this …it is a screen shot i took of a hilarious spam email i got …too bad ive already got my return …HAHA

the next three are of some parts i had removed from a power drill my dad gave me i was trying to see the exact cause of the problem it was having well i found out but got some really cool pics in the process

and my favorite

like i said nothing spectacular, but to me they are art! they next person may not think so….they dont have to think it is

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

finally bought the new Legend of Zelda game for the DS and I’ve been playing it for 2 days now…. haha

those of you who don’t know… I’m a die hard fan of LoZ series ever since i played the original back on the old NES. back then you couldn’t save your progress …well you could save it, but once you restarted you were back at square one and had to travel back to where you were. so me being me just paused it and let it run well I was able to beat it but I loved playing the game some much id start over eventually I burnt up the cartridge rom.. such the fate for many of my old NES games.

I hadn’t played a LoZ game since the release of LoZ: Twilight Princess which by far one of the most fun games I ever played …you can get two version the Wii version which I would not recommend getting …why you might ask well in order to port it over to the Wii; Nintendo had to mirror the game and link is right handed in the Wii version… this is a crime against the LoZ series link has always been left handed and will always be left handed. you are better off getting the Game cube version, which is what I have, and play it.

back to the LoZ:Phantom Hourglass …this is a direct sequel to LoZ:wind waker

The game follows the adventures of Link and Tetra, the leader of a band of pirates, as they discover a ghost ship in dense fog. Link falls into the ocean when Tetra gets into trouble, and he wakes up alone on the shore of a mysterious island.

When on land, the game shows a map of the area on the top screen, and a 3D top-down view of Link and his nearby surroundings on the lower screen. At some points during the game, usually during boss battles, a 3D view is shown on both screens, allowing the player to have a wider view of their surroundings, or show an enemy from a different angle. The player controls Link through the stylus, moving him around by pointing to the sides of the screens, and interacting with objects and people, or attacking foes by pointing at them; other motions with the stylus can be used for additional moves and attacks.

A multi-player battle mode is also included in Phantom Hourglass. This battle mode is a one-on-one multi-player game. In an arena, one player takes on the role of Link, while the other player, on defense, controls three Phantom Guardians. Players of both sides are aided by power-up items that shortly appear on the playing field, such as the Pegasus Shoes, power gloves, a Decoy, a Time Increase and turning on Wind Walls.

I’ll give more of my impression of the game after I’ve had a few days more to play it. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface if this stays true to LoZ games which so far it has…

a portal ….a way of passage..

Your voice is unique

There is no one else who has your voice.

There is a difference between your voice and your speaking style

Use your voice to open doors

break the silence

We all have a voice

inform, persuade, and connect with other people

voices that speak those words

simply sound and rhythm

The world is full of words

Words are used for communication

a fingerprint of yourself

One of your most powerful tools

Your unique blend of description, character and style

The way you intone words, the speed you speak, the inflections you use are all part of a unique aural fingerprint that identifies you as an individual. Even though you may be saying to yourself that you hate the way you sound, I am fascinated by the variety and expressive capacity of the human voice.

I don’t want famous voices. I want voices of normal people like myself, my friends and my family. I want voices who don’t know me and voices I do not know.

Racing thoughts…

for the last few nights i havn’t been able to sleep at all im not completely sure why… its like im afraid to go to sleep somethings been nagging at me.. i cant seem to figure it out …ive been thinking a lot about different things, my mind has been racing with questions, thoughts, and dreams.

its like im in a daze and cant get out! like being stuck in a small room with no where to go and ill have to endure these never ending nights like i have in the past just let it run its course my thoughts will eventually come to peace after some time, but how long will i have to wait this time…once you lose sleep you will never get it back ….