Is it crazy?
Wanting my dreams to come true
Sacrificing my time,
For a better life than I grew up with..

Is it better?
Learning from..
People around you,
Books and professors
Being your own teacher
Making your own mistakes

Does it feel right?
To be wrong
To be loved
To be hated
To be crazy
To be..

Do you feel better?
By achieving your goals
From the tears of your enemies
From joys of your loved ones

Just takes sacrifice
Just takes faith
Just brings sorrows
Just allows joy
Just is …

We are all human, we all make mistakes
That by definition is …LIFE…

5 thoughts on “life?

  1. Awww…I hope you have people around you who can hug you and tell you everything’s going to be okay. There’s a pain and frustration is this poem. But also, it is optimistic. Nice job.

  2. not really …i shouldnt say that but im just ready to get out of this place. just gotta keep telling me self “just a few more months.” its just because of this one class its call multicultralism. im just getting sick and tired of getting put down for stating my opinion so far in this class.. i’ve been labled a “racist” “jerk” “one who has no idea what im talking about” and today “someone who doesnt know anything about his religion” just for stating my opinion and the professor of course doesnt intervene she likes to hear the arguements and such. im just sick and tired of putting up with these ignorant ppl. when i say ignorant ppl i mean the type who just show up to college to drink and party and it doesnt help im in a class of freshman either. guess thats what i get for putting off gen eds till my senior year.

  3. Ha ha. Multiculturalism. a.k.a. Political Correctness 101. “Saying what you actually are thinking” and “Political Correctness” are polar opposites.

    The problem is, if something isn’t “politically correct” that doesn’t automatically make it offensive. What is offensive is up to the individual. For instance, how many flight attendants would really be that upset if you called them a stewardess? Even so, you may have a conversation with someone about the airline industry, and they could become upset that you referred to a flight attandant as a stewardess, even though they have no background or connection to the profession.

    And so…we watch what we say, not only to avoid offending someone directly, but indirectly as well. So many people guard their words, that when someone comes out and says what a large group of people are actually thinking, that guy gets thrown under the bus by the PC crowd, and it further restricts free exchange of ideas.

    Offending someone is not a crime, defamation is a crime. Racisim is not a crime, descrimination is a crime. I’m not saying to promote offensive language and racism, but limiting that speach does not corrolate with eliminating those problems. All it does is create an intellectual speakeasy where cultural problems are confined behind a dark curtian instead of confronting them in the real world.

  4. yeah i know. it bothers me when someone says that it should be like “this” …when it should actually be “this.” example: discussion in class the other day, we were talking about minority groups. and financial aid was brought up there was an argument about organizations that are being built or formed to financially help minority groups go to college …great thats fine i have no problem with that so long as the minority is a legal citizen of the united states …but the mention of a group or organization to help white ppl go to college thats racist… you cant have a group or organization that can do that apparently …

  5. Political correctness is for ignorant people who can’t accept the truth, to hear blunt answers. Not all answers can be pleasant, but unfortunately a lot of people don’t want to hear the unpleasant stuff, that’s why people hate Politics or don’t want to really consider honest opinions in subjects like multiculturalism or philosophy. I’m reading Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” all her ideas in her books are so honest to the point that some could find them offensive and her main characters, are social pariahs and cold, emotionless, truthful men and women.

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