just a sample


well heres a sample of something ive been working on in some spare time if anyone would like to see fullsize message me on messenger or if you dont have me on messenger… email me

EDIT: i changed the sample picture above to a link to a photoshop screenshot of me working on it

6 thoughts on “just a sample

  1. Wow, that is good. My friends drew anime, but I never could. I draw sometimes, it’s ok, but my drawings turn out to be of people I’ve met, without my meaning to draw them.

  2. well the original was drawn in pencil. then i scanned it into photoshop then i ink it with photoshop. i was thinking about coloring it but i decided to leave it gray-scaled. normally if i draw it strait through it will take a good day to drawn it then another day to ink it after I’ve scanned it in. however this has taken much longer since I’ve only been working on it in my spare time which is few and far between. If i had a Wacom pad it would go a lot faster, but i cant afford those =P.

  3. It looks good gray-scaled. I haven’t been able to write many poems or read much for leisure, so I can relate.

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