where is the soul? what is music to you….

if you compare the music today with the music of decades past doesn’t the music of today have relatively no soul. Wtf happened? It just seems like todays music is basically what music corporations tell us to hear because they can make the most profit on it. I’ve felt that “music” isn’t music at all anymore. it’s noise. No, to me, it has no “soul.” Not only that, but it seems to incite violence & reinforce empty “spirits” of mind. Lately i’ve been listening to non mainstream stuff more recently MC Frontalot he is a rapper he calls his stuff “nerdcore” if you listen to his stuff just listen to his raps and ryhmes and tell me you think any mainstream hip-hop artist could lay down like him.

I’m no music expert but when i listen to the radio and get depressed because none of the songs move me. i know a song has soul when it incites you, when it starts to make you think, it wants you to remember it, and three days later you are still humming it to your self that is a song with soul. While I tend to think bad music became popular with the rise of New Kids on the Block and other boy bands a like. They reached superstardom with enough talent to make a church choir and inspired a generation of mediocrity with lyrics like “OOOO, uh OOOO, hangin tough.”

imagine if you will if John Lennon showing up to a session with, “There is nothing you can do that can’t be done, uh ooo uh oooooo!” But the music companies bought the public’s acceptance and ever since have given up on art for uninspired musical mass appeal. it all sounds the same any more. Where is the music to define the generation? Sadly, maybe we are hearing it. All that we have is a bunch of “artists” willing to accept what has already been done; unwilling to make it better.

now referring to my previous post are three song i feel have some soul to some degree. Greyson Chance, any kid that can play the piano like that at his age is a genius in my book but its the only song i’ve heard of his but his lyrics are very moving and i can relate to them. LFAO probably have the least amount, but they make up for the hilarious lyrics and videos and are not like traditional hip-hop artist when ever i hear their songs i just want to “shuffle” haha! now MC Frontal is someone i just recently started listening to again. im a nerd and thats what he raps about and his songs just stick in my head.

here are two songs both “dance” songs and both you will here in the clubs the first is Britany Spears – I wanna go, the next is Alexandra Stan – Mr Saxobeat fundamentally they are the same but there is one major difference Britany’s is all electronic the the latter video is also electronic but what makes it a better song and gives it the soul it needs is the saxophone, and the other instruments but they can be produced with a keyboard though i dont think they are i could be wrong my ears arnt what they use to be … the saxophone was not digital i can tell you that much it might have been looped but it was a real sax they used there … the third vid is a guy that uses his sax to make loops and beats. now my question to you is … what is music to you