i hate grocery shopping….

So i had to go to the grocery store after work to buy bread … ok not a difficult task. However the entire city of Hays decided to all go shopping at the same time. so i go swimming through the people at dillons i hate it we its so busy you have to keep moving or get ran over by shopping kart wielding soccer moms or little old ladies in motorized karts.

as i find my way to the bread pickup my 78 cent wheat bread loaves. then remember i need to go grab some sour cream since im having baked potatoes for dinner. i have to make three detours because people think its important to block the aisles and stand there and talk to each other. ok by this time im getting enraged because it shouldn’t be this difficult to get bread and sour cream. i head to the front to the check outs.

the lines are freaking long so i find the shortest as im waiting i notice a display the “big” boxes of mike and ikes as i lean over to grab a box. this lady come rushing in and try to cut in front of me like i was moving out of the way or something. when she notices im not moving she stops but doesnt back away. so here i am standing figuratively with a shopping kart full of groceries up my ass … i try to move forward a bit but as i move the lady behind me move closer!? no respect to my personal space. this is when i lose it … i turn around and not so nicely ask the lady to “remove the kart from my ass and give me some space or im going to remove if for her.” she looked at me flabbergasted then backed up about 6 inches i put my stuff up on the check out, pay for my stuff, and got the hell outta town.

5 thoughts on “i hate grocery shopping….

  1. Omg mrs unrespectful, she needs 2 know dat ppl need some space sometimes. I also hate it when ppl r standin right behind u and they r so close 2 u that u can feel them breathin down ur neck.

  2. “i jsut wish ppl werent in such a hurry these days.”

    Amen to that. I’m that jackass that sets my cruise control on the speed limit while a line of cars piles up behind me. Sucks to be them. I have wide open road in front of me! Ha ha.

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