i need to start writing more…

I really need to start writing more on this blog. I think I have alot of good information and ideas built up.  I just need to get them out in some form.

so that being said, if anyone read this blog anymore, shoot me some ideas what would you like to read about what is it you want to know about? It can be anything … apparently my photos are a lost cause at the moment … since I’ve no batteries for my camera and i keep forgetting to get some =P.  not a lot has happened in my life I’m really just going to work and come home go to bed that’s my day not too exciting I’m really wanting something to change for the better in my life but I’m not exactly sure what that is.

a change is needed that is for sure, because i’m starting to get depressing thoughts and those are never good. not only have i been feeling really down about things my artwork has come to a stop because i have seem to lost my muse, my inspiration.

one thing i think that has curved my writing a bit is the fact that i have quit paying any attention to news/media outlets. no more NPR, Newspapers, online news, or any other media outlet. it seems every time i would listen/read anything it would A). piss me off  B). depress me even more.  they dont report anything good its all about fear anymore that is how they control us is by; fear.

I havnt been playing any video game lately either mainly because i really have nothing to do with them. Guild Wars has pretty much run out of stuff for me to do im now jsut waiting for Guild Wars 2 to come out. so i have find my self playing some old school 8 bit super mario brothers 3 .. haha probably my second favorite NES game right behind Legend of Zelda.

welp that is about it for now.