i dont think i could have said it better

CrunchGear – by Nicholas Deleon on October 7, 2009

Dear friends: Please stop falling for phishing attacks

Come on, people. You’re probably aware of the big Hotmail scandal going on right now, what with some 30,000 account names and passwords having been leaked over the past few days. And now Gmail and Yahoo! e-mail accounts appear to have been compromised. The thing is, these leaks aren’t the result of a software glitch or anything, but the result of successful phishing attacks. I have one question: what the heck is wrong with you people?

Seriously, I don’t understand how, in the year 2009 (nearly 2010!) people can still fall victim to phishing attacks.

Let’s make this clear: your bank, eBay, Google… NOBODY is going to ask you to “validate your account” or anything like that. If you ever see anything even like that, then yes, it’s a scam.

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One thought on “i dont think i could have said it better

  1. Ha ha. Great post. I do wonder how people fall for this kind of stuff. I can kinda understand the phishing victims. Not that I feel sorry for them. But considering most folks see their computers as a big box of magic that connects you to the internet where “stuff” is… I’m not surprised that people fall for the somewhat legit looking phishing attempts.

    The ones that I don’t understand are the V14Gr4 4 FR33 e-mails. Who in their right mind would click that? And you know people are, because people keep sending ’em out!

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