im still here

i know i havnt been blogging that much and my 365 photos died the day i lost my job … so what have i been up too you might ask. well a whole lot of nothing …. i wish i could say i was doing more but the job market is stale … and im thinking i may need to relocate if i havnt found anything by the end of this month thats whats going to happen ill be gathering my stuff and leaving everything behind and starting over.

but i wrote a poem last night i shared it on facebook and then realized there are alot of ppl who read my blog [prolly not so much now ;)] but for those not having access to my facebook profile here is …

Leap and the net will appear

Wasting time, hanging out;
You hit the ground with every force,
it makes no sense or sound,

I’m on my way now,
I’ll get there somehow..
I will live, then I will die

All this work I’ve done lately
Think its high time
For me to go and get wasted

I’ve promised myself
But with the week I’ve just had
This shit is just what I need

Stuck in a moment
I can’t stand not knowing.
Why am I here?

Every word I write,
I can’t help losing myself
looking for ways to forget

I don’t wanna wake before
The dream is over
And timing’s everything

the dreamer is the real me
wanting to Listen to my voice
Leap and the net will appear