bored and alone

tonight was a rather boring night… jsut came home got dinner sat down caught up on some tv shows ive missed. then decided to troll the interwebs..

so i went and got me a beer ( ok its not actully beer since i cant drink beer since im allergic) its woodchuck draft cider its a hard cider and i like it.  so i sat back down and decided to turn on the Irish drinking songs. jsut sitting back enjoying some good music surfin the web. after abit i noticed even though i had the music on it was quiet really quiet. i get up to see what the kids (my dogs) were doing they were crashed out on the couch … a funny sight to see.

went back to my office then i realized mom nor dad had called for a few days so i give them a call and they dont answer .. they dont seem to return my calls these days either. i remember when i first went off to college 7 years ago … mom had to call like once ever 12 hours now its me calling just to make sure they are still alive!

my cellphone doesnt ring much anymore wasnt too long i had friends calling to come over or to hang out but i guess it comes to a time we move on start families start doing our own thing. i still have a few close friends within driving distance and i get to see them from time to time. ive been finding myself trying to keep myself busy to keep my mind off things. it scares me that im actually starting to turn into that hermit that so jokingly said i was going to become.

its sad really i picture my self one of those old guys sitting out on his porch yelling at kids to get off my lawn and in return all the kids be calling me that mean ole’ man on the corner.  may be its the weather .. maybe when its starts to warm up ill be thinking things differently

Things that happen
No ryhme or reason
Leaving sadness to last the season

A trail once hoped for lost without trace
Leaves hearts filled with empty space…
What to look for
What path is now mine?

For how long must I wait, and ponder?
For how many years must I plead
The hourglass drains, the light dims.
The night sky speaks, of matters grim.

There will be a time when the rain does come.
A time when the fire is extinguished.
A moment when the dust will vanish outright.
Under the moon’s shimmering light.

A reflection of pain as deep as the years
I cleanse old wounds in order to heal
The flowing and movement allow me to feel
And slowly breath strength into my faltering voice

On this journey of such sweet sorrow
I do have faith that come tomorrow
I’ll meet my fate with courage and strength


4 thoughts on “bored and alone

  1. I read all of your posts honey, please dont be sad : (

    Hey, Im a hermit! By choice! : )

    I dont think you are one at all.. look at you every single day getting out to take new pics for us… well, maybe not “out” every day, but I bet once it gets warmer, we will start seeing all kinds of cool outdoor pics : )

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