Not voting….

And i quote from a dicussing i was having on a forum the topic that started the debate ..

I would like to ask all who read this, and are elegible to vote in the USA to please vote for John McCaine and Sarah Palin as president and vice president to America.

I understand that you may be swayed by Obama’s cool words and smootheness, but please understand that (In the words of the great mayor Giuliani) “Hope is not a strategy.” and that the only experiance he has had in an official position is as a “Community Organizer”.

then later down on the thread this was brought up…

I am not voting period. I think Obama is an idiot thinking there is 57 states and I seriously think he is muslum, non the less, he would be prob assassinated. I also don’t like McCain because I think he is too old. I think McCain is going to be our president, die and we are going to have our first woman president.

yeah let not vote at all that will definatly teach them ….i had to quit reading the thread after i read this my braincells were dying off one by one ….

if you don’t vote you don’t get the right to voice your opinion about how the country is being run regardless who is elected, and dont give me that crap about freedom of speech. how can you sit there and disagree about how the president is running things when you didn’t even go out and vote for who you thought would make a better president. I still don’t know who I am voting for, but you can bet ill be there to vote!

it is different if you cant vote (not old enough…etc..) but if you actively take the stance in not voting when you are able too. then you should keep your mouth shut about how the country is ran over the next 4 years.

people say that their votes don’t count … they do they give you the right to voice your opinion. if you don’t vote i wont, and other should learn to not listen to you because you have no right to complain.

2 thoughts on “Not voting….

  1. I agree for the most part. Except that I would rather the second guy not be ABLE to vote. There should be some sort of aptitude test on the ballot before your vote is counted. Just to prove you’re not a flaming nutjob.

    1) Did we ever land on the moon?
    2) Which branch of government is the president in?
    3) Who do you vote for?

    If you don’t answer 1 and 2 correctly…3 doesn’t count.

    I whole heartedly agree that if you DON’T vote, you forfeit your right to complain!

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