Dear visitors…

there are ALOT of post here at Biebs’ World (308 to be exact) that span over the last 2 years and i plan on making that count go up.

you must understand there are bound to be broken links and missing photos. i dont make a habit go go back and fix things that arnt important … if you are curious about a post i might have made that happens to contain broken links of missing pictures … email me ask politely ill be glad to help heck … most of the time the broken links are more than likely in need of an updated url plain and simple others are broken due to a server crash that lost data that couldn’t be restored 80 gigs of data … don’t leave a stupid comment stating how it wasted your time first look at the date and if you still want to know about the info in that post write me and ask id be more than glad to help get the info you want.