I Survived the weekend

some of you may know that this last weekend was the wedding of my best friend. its was a great weekend i haven’t had that much fun in a long time. it was good seeing ppl i hadn’t seen in a long time and meeting new ppl.

I even got a brand new pillow out of the trip. I cant complain; the trip in the car however sucked i hate driving id rather walk if im in the car for more than an hour i get stiff then i start to fall asleep, thus why i always have the stereo blasting to keep me awake, but over the years that is causing me to lose my hearing. oh well id rather lose my hearing than fall asleep at the wheel.

i still haven’t been able to get my furniture moved maybe this weekend i don’t know we will have to see. it stormed again this morning and instead of the storms moving north eastward they were moving south eastward. which is weird they never move that way and they didn’t seem to be as strong, i think it was because they were being fueled by northern winds that carry in the snow in the winter. not the tropical winds that bing us the storms in the summer even though they were thunderstorms they were not that strong.

again great weekend! Congrats to Matt and Andrea for starting that next chapter in your lives.

OH! also i hope the house keepers enjoy that Woodchuck cider i forgot in the mini fridge in the hotel room the two whole bottles that were left! I bought those things i hope you enjoy them!!!

gives me the creeps

I decided to go out and sit on my porch for a while  to enjoy the evening air. I have come to the conclusion that sitting on my porch will be so much more fulfilling when I get some porch furniture and some interwebz. Oh and bug repellant damn gnats were bothering me because they suck and have nothing better to do other than bother me.

I’m really starting to enjoy living in La Crosse because its rather peaceful and I don’t have any annoying neighbors the two that I have one happens to be a retired teacher and he has been rather interesting to talk to the few times our paths have crossed. My other neighbor is a farmer who happens to be 68 years old who only comes out to farm and goes back home to Illinois or Missouri (wherever he is from I can’t remember) over the weekends so I’m pretty isolated on my lil corner.

I noticed something while sitting out side was next door on the water tower there was a group of turkey buzzards or I think that they are turkey buzzards. I came back in the house and snapped these pics.

Any ways they are there about every evening just huddling together it’s kind of creepy.

SO it begins….

It’s been almost one week since I moved into my new house ands I’m still not settled is going to be at least 2 more weeks before I will have my furniture right now I’m just making use of an air mattress and the bare necessities.

Work is going great this is the first job I really enjoy and I’m glad I was given the opportunity to have this job I’m learning a lot and I’m also learning that I’m a perfectionist when it comes to designing. I guess that is just me though I’m that way with every thing from my artwork and writings to working on computers everything has to be done just right and sometimes its frustrating sometimes, but fun none the less.

Normally on my blog I tend to not write about certain aspects of my life. In this post I’ve decided to bend the rules a bit. I have got a lady friend of mine one I care deeply about and am glad to have the friendship that I do have with her, however, I’ve a bit of a crush on her and I’ve been afraid to tell her how I feel about her in fear that our friendship will cease to exist. as some of you may know about the one a few years into my past there was another that I cared about and she ripped my heart out and tore it to shreds after I told her how I felt and I haven’t talked to her since then.

So I’m being very apprehensive about telling this friend my true feeling about. I feel so much like I’m in high school again. However I value the friendship I have created with each and every one of my friends each friendship is unique in each its own.

Now I know this decision is only one I can make however I do enjoy insight from any one willing to give some. Do I tell her or do I just not tell her it’s a difficult problem that has cons and pros of each. Not knowing exactly how she feels about me makes it even harder to throw in a curve ball like this….