gives me the creeps

I decided to go out and sit on my porch for a while  to enjoy the evening air. I have come to the conclusion that sitting on my porch will be so much more fulfilling when I get some porch furniture and some interwebz. Oh and bug repellant damn gnats were bothering me because they suck and have nothing better to do other than bother me.

I’m really starting to enjoy living in La Crosse because its rather peaceful and I don’t have any annoying neighbors the two that I have one happens to be a retired teacher and he has been rather interesting to talk to the few times our paths have crossed. My other neighbor is a farmer who happens to be 68 years old who only comes out to farm and goes back home to Illinois or Missouri (wherever he is from I can’t remember) over the weekends so I’m pretty isolated on my lil corner.

I noticed something while sitting out side was next door on the water tower there was a group of turkey buzzards or I think that they are turkey buzzards. I came back in the house and snapped these pics.

Any ways they are there about every evening just huddling together it’s kind of creepy.

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