long break ….

well just got back from spring break i spent most of it out of town. now i’m back into the swing of things again and starting to get back into my groove

i updated to windows vista on my computer now or atleast my laptop and i must say im enjoying it but its just basically an upgrade to xp it doesnt run any different just looks different really.

well ill get some screens taken and posted later.

2 thoughts on “long break ….

  1. It’s always hard to get back to school from break.

    I read a review about Vista. I’m not sure what I think of it. I’m getting a new laptop. It probably will come with Vista but I heard that one company lets you choose between XP or Vista.

  2. id sure like to know what company is offering a choice last time i check the major “bigs” they were forcing you to go to vista Dell being one of them. vista isnt that much of a change there was a major face lift and a change to the file structure a bit but over all its the best windows OS available id say its better than xp once you get it tweaked

    and i need to get those screen shots =P

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