new day

At dawn, through my opened window,
I gazed upon a breathless,
And heart-stopping sight.

On the horizon in front of me,
Appeared an aurora of mystical lights,
Reflecting deep into the cavities and,
Ridges of the surrounding mountains.

Before me shown the early light,
Penetrating the morning mist,
As it caused perpetual golden rays
To illuminate through the highest
Mountain peaks,
Awakening the earth below.

As I peered closely,
Brilliant colors of light
Stretched upward,
Like fingers on a hand
Into the yet, dawning sky.

Oh, as I gazed at this precious sight,
Time itself seemed to be waiting,
And wanting to grasp hold of
The first beams, that would burst forth
From the East and to witness,
The suns smile beckoning
The Brand New Day.

2 thoughts on “new day

  1. This is a lovely poem. I saw the sun rising this morning as I drove to school. The clouds were a light reddish pink and the sun was starting to peek out, I love looking at the morning sky. (But it’s tough getting up early.)

  2. yeah i wrote this last november when i was in colorado when i was working for the private highschool i helped take care of the bording students the school paid for a sking trip over november.

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