for the lack of post here, there have been a lot of stuff i want to talk about, but cant. also there are a lot of stuff going on that i cant put into words. i’m not happy with the way things are and im in need of a huge change, however, i am not in a position to make a change or even consider it. most of it lie on the blame of taking a job that was the best thing that ever happened i was able to buy a house and my life looked like finally it was moving up, until i was laid off 9 months later. then almost 2 years later everything is still SHIT and im in a hole so deep that i have to imagine what the sky use to look like.

hopefully next time i will have something more happy to report

One thought on “Sorry

  1. Dude. We need to stage a getaway. Like camping before it gets gawd awful hot. Just land, water, and the stars in the sky. No phones, or idiots. That’s what I’m talking about.

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