What makes a tire blow out?

because of too much air.  they pop like a balloon over filled with air. Also, when you drive, the temp. of your tires heat up. This causes the air inside your tires to heat up. Heated air expands. So this can also cause a tire to explode.

I almost experienced this today. I’ve been having the vibration in my car for quite some time. at first i thought it was the rear driver’s side tire because it had a weird wear pattern so i replace it and the vibration was not as bad. it was manageable, however, in the last week its been getting worse. then today it was so unbearable i could drive over 35 mph.

i went to Great Bend this morning and had no problems. while there Matt and i inspected the tire noticed a bulge. this bulge was the cause of the vibrations. it was fine while crusin’ around town. after i left and got out of town and on the high way it started to vibrate really bad. About 4 mile out of Albert 12 mile out of GB i had to slow down i couldn’t control the car i pulled over in Albert and attempted the put my do-nut on well my POS jack couldn’t hold my car up. so i phoned up Matt and ask if he could come help me out.

after getting the tire off and the do-nut on we find out that my rear tire had 60+psi … its only suppose to have 35 psi … now you ask yourself why i put that much air in it … i didn’t, i have not put air in my tires since i had the tire shop in Hays put new tires on the front. the guy at the shop was trying really hard to sell me 4 tires … i didn’t need 4 tires. so after i went back up to pick my car from the tire shop the guy said to come back when i was ready to buy a two new tires for the rear. i didn’t think much of it … now i know the rat bastard had his tech over fil my tires so it would fail so i have to come back and buy two new tires. F that! i will never buy from Firestone tire in hays ever again!