a change in needing

Ok many of you know i also have a site over at www.joshbieber.com for quite some time now it sat there as a poor neglected red headed step child, while biebs’ world here got all the sweet sweet chocolate lovin’. i’ve been missing the artistic freedom of being able to tweak my theme the way i wanted so i went out and made a major overhaul of joshbieber.com. joshbieber.com is now the home of all my art work. biebs’ world is going back to being just my blog where i’m going to post stuff about me and my life. my other site will cater to my artwork i will still post art here its just going to be a link to the joshbieber.com articles i post.  i know its sounds complicated, but at least then i can keep stuff separated which i have been wanting to do since the creation of joshbiebsart …

So bare with me as i transition stuff around. also im start another 365 photo starting this weekend. i am also going to be working on a customer theme for my art site right now its using the same on as biebs world.

welp that’s it for now … \m/ rock on!