3 thoughts on “Grunge N’ Colors

  1. Very interesting. Is that blood spatter I see? Before you ask, yes I watch CSI and I find forensic science interesting. I look at the concentric circles and I think of Target. Haha. Or a dart board. Could you explain why you designed this the way you did?


  2. Blue is the color of the sky. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolises trust, loyalty, intelligence, and truth.

    Black is associated with power, death, and chaos.

    Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, and mystery.

    thats basically what i was going through my head. when i do these i really have no theme i just randomly start doing stuff until i form a picture. i guess you could say the main theme is chaos. my life at the moment feels like its nothing but chaos … and that behind that chaos there is a truth, a wisdom, that everything will be ok over time

    the leaves were added for a texture but also for me the leaf signifies that nothing last forever the chaos will end sometime just like like the summer leaves that wither away in the fall, however just like those leaves that are born again in the spring so too will the chaos be reborn to test us. the ever lasting circle the never ending shape, a wheel of time that forever runs. jagged lines that we must watch for, acting as knives that target our souls.

    ..again this is my own interpretation of my own art, but really you should interpret it the way you want to there really is no single meaning behind it.

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