raccoon decals…

you might be asking yourself why a dead raccoon decal.  well some ppl put NOS, HKS, or apex(or any number of other decals of performance parts they may have installed in their cars) … not me, however, each raccoon decal stands for a furry lil forest animal i have effectively ran over in my car … my car is a magnet for these suicidal creatures, there are 6 total decals i put on my car three on each side and there is room for more .. if i ever hit any more … haha! thanks to Double Z Decals for creating these awesome decals

just like fighter pilots

different angle

further back

2 thoughts on “raccoon decals…

  1. Oh man, 3 raccoons? A few weeks ago I nearly hit a deer…wow. It was on a back road, so I was not going very fast. Do they also have dead deer decals? Haha.

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