3 thoughts on “sunset’s color

  1. It looks gorgeous, Biebs! I’m sorry for being gone so long. I’ve been busy. I graduated in May and I’ve been preparing for grad school. Hope you enjoyed yourself on the 4th!

  2. Light,
    oh not a problem im still here jsut havnt had much to blog about … im getting settled at my new job and trying to catch up on bills … congrats on graduating! … you will will have to give me your email that way we can stay in touch not have to worry about posting here in the blog… haha

    thanks for the compliment on the wallpaper that’s pretty much what ive been doing in my free time … im going to start posting more daily photos i think now that my life is a bit more stable again.

  3. Biebs, Hi again. Congrats on the new job! My email is vh007questa(at)yahoo(dot)com. I try to check it at least once or twice a week.

    Yay for stability! I can only hope that I can have better luck finding work after I get my master’s degree. I’ll apply for a one-year program in April or March.

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