late night mishaps

ok im sitting here at 1:30 am why you might ask … well mainly because i cant sleep. so here i am working on my blog i noticed the the number one search term today was …

“biebs wall paper”

…WTF ? ok so i go to the Google and enter that phrase and for me the top two search hits are leading to my blog with post of some wallpapers. so by habit i hit the images link in Google … don’t ask me why i hit that but its just something i do … and i get a photo from this address now Matt will recognized this site right away why? well its his old site the last post made on there by Matt is Feb 2 2004,  5 years man… 5 YEARS!

ok so this post is really not going anywhere and if you dont know Matt or I this post will not mean much at all ok so im checking out your old site, dood this catches my eye…

KartMaster and Biebs collaborate to bring you a 24-7 internet radio station that actually rocks!  E-mail ideas for songs and requests, the more we know, the better it’ll be!

what the heck? lol what ever happened to that project? i remember we were goign to do an internet radio staiton basically voice tracking. i dont even remember why we never went through with it … haha!  another question i have is how the hell does “biebs wall papers” come up to that page ? i mean i know “biebs” is on there, but thats the only term that would bring up on that page.

but as i sit here i think i know what happened with that project … you quit school and went on with your life … and i continued my rough and not so fun journey through school it took me from 2002 to 2007 to graduate from college and that’s normal i guess … but it wasn’t a walk in the park .. in some ways im glad i went through the torment that was 5 years of wasting my time for a piece of paper saying i went to college.  don’t get me wrong im glad i made myself go through it .. and before any one pipes up yes i am at a great job making use of my degree, one of the few that ever do that.

i know alot of ppl who go to school and graduate only to never work in that degree. i went to school because i wanted to prove to ppl i can but about halfway through my journy i was ready to give up i realized i had nothing to prove to anyone and i really didnt want to finish i was ready to go home. the only thing that kept me going was matt, he kept telling me only this much longer you will make it, guess what i did … i graduated and hold in my hands a degree.

now i own a house working at a great job .. and still have some great friends about. a few friends that aren’t closer and i wish they were … a neighbor to piss off because its fun to do, and kids to yell at when they are too close to my car … ok ok i dont actually yell at them i jsut hit the panic button on my key chain and scare the ever living crap out of them when i come running out my door … that never gets old when they wake me up at 3 in the morning

i know im an ass but hey … im a fun ass and im not that much of an ass when you are on my good side its just when you piss me off. normally im harmless and jsut a big teddybear .. or so im told…

wow this post as really gone on a tangent and going no where i think ill jsut leave it at that for now because its 2:10 am and should prolly go to bed despite that fact im not tired ..