6 thoughts on “365 photos – photo 38

  1. @mrpister
    its jsut a way to brew tea … alot of ppl will let it sit outside all day long but that creates a problem … it allows for bacteria to grow and can make you sick ..

    i never leave the tea out side for more than 2 hours and i make so i always put it in the sun at the hottest part day. caffeine in black tea will help prevent the microbes from flourishing for a few hours, its effects won’t last beyond that… been doing this for years .. my family the same …

    however there are alternatives if you are afraid of this…it is jsut as easy to boil the water for 5 mins and brew it that was or you can buy special cold brew packets but ill continue my family tradition of sun tea

  2. ah, i see! i wasn’t sure if leaving it in the sun affected the flavour or not. plenty of sun here so i might give it a go someday. i only recently started making my own iced tea from brewing a bit of black tea, adding water to fill the rest of the jug along with a bit of sugarfree raspberry cordial, and then placing it in the fridge over night.

  3. @mrpister
    well ppl will argue that it taste different but i think it all depends on the type of tea, i prefer black tea, also the water you use such as whether it comes from the tap or if its filtered.

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