lack of content

ive been slow latly with actual post … the truth is i have nothing to talk about so ive decided to make on huge post to update every one what ive been doing…

first if you havnt been following me im trying to take a photo every day for the next year dubbed 365 photos. you can click here to check out the picasaweb album

also since being back from my Xmas vacation ive been playing a game on my Wii called Animal Crossing: City Folk. Its rather addicting for those who might like this style of gmae play it isnt for those who like the raw action of shoot them up games this is quite the opposite

Me and Matt hangin' out via WiFi

wishing on a shooting star

Pacal the otter going over the falls

me taking a photo-op

yeah im a geek and damn proud of it!.

next is another project ive been working on and i use a couple of pics of my brother’s mustang. jsut doing some “artwork vectorizing”


After - my favorite ... i spent alot of time here


After - im still working with this one

tahts what ive been up to other than having some really bad karma for some reason and being sick with a sinus infection. welp thats it for now stay tuned and keep reading !