Holiday Blues..

i just got back from spending the holiday week with the family. .. only to wake up with a cold.

here is a run down of my holiday vacation:

Dec 24th arrived in Ingalls.

Dec 25th spent the day with family had a big lunch spent the most of the afternoon challenging my Dad at Wii Golf.

Dec 26th – 27th most of the time was spent helping my brother install a system in his mustang … now im an expert in installing them in a 2004 mustang, dont ever ask me to help install one ever again.

Dec 28th left the parents house and came home sore throat was starting to develope this day.

Now ive never been a fan of the holidays … you can jsut call me scrooge… i always come home and get sick after i have spent time away from home. it never helps i jsut spent the last 5 days around ppl who smoke. Im glad to be home and heres to a quick recovery from this cold.

One thought on “Holiday Blues..

  1. You forgot one thing you did on the 28th, think of me on my birthday.
    I too contracted a cold. Why do relatives have so many germs? Maybe we should just get out more.

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