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when you saw this you might have thought this was another rant about Apple well it isn’t.

I’ve often pondered if certain individuals dress and act to stand out in order to fit in. It’s an amusing concept. I don’t wish to come off as stereotyping certain groups of people, because the idea of individuals truly believing that they are nonconformists from the whole of society (although they may be unconsciously conformists to certain subgroups in society) can be readily applicable to any number of individuals. Does anyone else see the irony in the saying that “We are ALL unique?

the people that strive to be different are conforming to not-conform because they try too. meaning that the people that are “conformists” on accident are less conforming than those that strive to be non-conformists.

these days, if you want to conform, you have to be a nonconformist. there is a belief, that there IS such a thing as a nonconformist. However, they ARE rare. they believe the “True nonconformists” conform to their OWN ideas Since they only conform to themselves, depending on what type of person they are. In short, a nonconformist is a totally honest and transparent person who says what they think does what they want.

Everyone has the need to feel loved and this causes people to want to fit into specific groups. What the person’s interests are likely determines where he/she fits in. After the person feels loved, then the person is likely more comfortable in his/her surroundings and then their individuality/uniqueness may start to show more.

Quite the paradox, I would say. By being a “Non-conformist” you immediately conform to others who believe they are “non-conformists.” Conformity is absolute, there is no escaping it. So, the real question is: does non-conformity exist?

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  1. Tru dat. I think a lot of people have pondered this concept for a very long time. I’d disagree that its “these days” occurrence sine there were a lot of people in the 60s conforming to the hippy movement to stay in the herd. Even Van Gogh lived with Gauguin for a while so they could be brooding artists together.

    It is more the human condition to find acceptance and even more basically simple grouping.

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