I was just calling to ask…

“Dude, my computer’s busted, can you fix it?”

“Hey, do you know why my computer won’t boot up?”

“I keep getting this error message, what’s the deal?”

Lately ive been getting calls from people who i havnt spoke with since i was in college even before i graduated. i use to think they were friends, but now i know why they kept me around; to fix their computers. well i dont fix them for free anymore i had a great on the side project called Chips n’ Circuits where i made, although not alot of money, but pocket change at least when i was going to college. I work on a computer all day long some times more its my job i love computers (despite the fact i say i hate them) that is why i chose to study what i did.

when i get a call from someone i use to think that they were calling to talk or catch up on good times.. nope that is not why they call me they have a computer problem and want me to fix it thats all i am to alot ppl i know. well i don’t work on computers for free anymore. if you want me to work on your computer expect to receive a bill. if thats all you think of me is some one you know who fixes computers dont bother calling i don’t want to talk to you.

People wonder how i learn so much about computer well i eat, breath, and play computers. i have this urge to learn, to experiment and find out the results. Mostly i read … there is always someone out there that has came across a problem one might be having with their computer its guaranteed. this is when you must learn that Google is your friend and once you learn how to effectively use the Google you can find info on anything. it all in how you term your search words. You can learn alot by reading the info is out there just find it.