an evening in the underground…

i spent some of this evening in the old IRC stomping grounds where some of my old internet friends reside, among what i like to call “The end of a great era”. i know you have no idea what that means its ok …and im not going to go into detail. i remember IRC being one of the best internet hang outs. now its just poisoned with idiotic kids.. like this direct quote from tonight’s convo in the main room.

“You don’t realize what you have until you reach High School.”

and this is the screen name of such fool “1337tards” hes argues its pronounced leet-ers… i pronounce it leet-tards because that’s what he is a “tard”

the discussion tonight and i should have logged out but curiosity got the better of me and it almost killed me. some one complaining about it being their b-day and no one said happy b-day to them all day. even now i question my own sanity as to why i partake in these convos normally i stick to the IMs between myself and my buddies and dont even pay attention to the main chat, for obvious reasons. well back to the kid whining about no one telling him happy b-day. and the douche bags were on in full tonight. this same person who made the above quote went on a rant on how life must be tough when the most of your problems come from some one not telling you happy b-day. and then hes start on this spiel about how tough it is to be in high school. this is when i came into the convo.

i said

“really high school is the pinnacle of you life huh? .. i know it must be difficult not having to pay rent or bills mom and dad do that. but because you  are in high school you know what life is really like.”

i was not expecting to get a response but i did.

he said *warning dont read the next sentence if you value your brain cells*

“damn right highschool is the hardest point in your life its where you become you and you will be defined for hte rest of your life who you are.”

How do you even respond to that much stupidity? there is not arguing with ppl like this. it makes your head hurt, so tonight i have bid farewell to that IRC room.