look familar

thats right i have a red Swingline stapler.

The item that is the only constant in the life of abused employee Milton Waddams, who snaps after it is stolen. Swingline hadn’t made red staplers in years, and a red Swingline was not available from office supply shops when Office Space was released (a prop department employee, named Ric Trzeciak, painted one PPG red, according to the film’s commentary), but due to popular demand Swingline released a limited run of the red version in 2004. The official Swingline product page describes the product thus: “Discover the stapling star of any office space – the bold head-turning design and legendary performance of Swingline’s Rio Red Stapler.”

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    lvl 25
    uber l337 haxor

    +15 coolness – 3 popped collar coolness (just one more collar to go)

    +13 style – wicked crazy

    +30 Skillz – nunchuck and bo staff skillz

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