The old alero lives

i wish i would have had my camera yesturday while in hays. i saw my old alero .. it still has the flames on it. i was crusin’ through Wendy’s and just as id gotten my food this car pulls in and there is no doubt about it. it was my old 1999 olds alero the one i traded for the ‘Rolla it had nebraska plates on it and a gal was driving it. her name was Jessie (i think thats how you spell it didnt ask her that). i pulled and said that i had a strange question about her car and asked her where she got it.

her dad i guess i a car dealer up where she is from and bought it from a dealer’s auction. i explained that was my old car the one i traded in for my ‘Rolla. i just said im amazed you kept the flames on it. she explained that at first she didnt like them until she started noticing all the alero’s that are out on the road. well thats one reason i put the flames on it the other reason was alot of chicks drive this car not many guys do so i wanted it to stick out.

finally i said thank you for atleast talking to me and sorry if i freaked you out about asking you about your car i said its just i thought id never see that car again. it was one of the best cars i ever drove. also gave her one of my cards told if she ever gets time or thinks about it send me some pictures of it some time, and parted ways.

One thought on “The old alero lives

  1. Hehe. That’s too cool. I’ll probably never see my car again. Heck, it might actually be part of your car now…as recycled steel! Ha ha.

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